Chapter meetings are normally held monthly on the third Monday of the month. While the meetings are held to gather together the officers and directors, their guests and all members are welcomed and encouraged to attend. If you want to come, call Denny Douglas at (231) 779-4624, to confirm the date and location of the meeting.

The meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. and last until around 9:00.


Pine River Area Chapter 33rd Annual Trout Unlimited Conservation Banquet - May 4nd, 2019.  Click Here for Flyer!

About Pine River Area TU!

Our Mission

The Pine River Area Chapter of Trout Unlimited covers the area encompassing the entire Pine River watershed and parts of the Little Manistee , Pere Marquette and Big Manistee rivers. Our mission to preserve, protect, restore and re-connect the cold water resources in our area parallels the national mission of Trout Unlimited. We represent one of the 20 chapters of Trout Unlimited in Michigan. Our chapter’s work is mainly focused on our namesake, the Pine River. Yearly, we raise all of our funds through our spring banquet. The majority of our funds are reinvested back into our area. We have evolved into two main areas of work (1) development and the education of the area youth and (2) the restoration and preservation of the Pine River.

Youth Activities

Our youth work has centered around two events. First, our August fly fishing day school at D Loop Outfitters offers fifteen to twenty five youths, ages 9-16, the opportunity to learn about the life cycle of trout and their food. The students also learn to tie flies and leaders; they hear about the equipment used; and they are taught to fly cast. Conservation principles and outdoor ethics are introduced as well. The high point of the day for the students is fishing for blue gills in the pond at D Loop Outfitters.


Activities for All Ages

During the winter, the chapter has traditionally held a 4-week course on fly tying. It meets one evening a week at the Carl T. Johnson Center. We provide all the materials and equipment free of charge. As many as twentyfive students a year have attended these classes with both males and females, ranging in age from middle school to senior citizens.

Restoration and Preservation

The restoration and preservation aspect of our work has recently centered on the Michigan Trout Unlimited’s habitat mapping program which is a part of their River Steward’s program. The purpose of habitat mapping is to develop a baseline data base that allows us to make the correct decisions needed to maximize the return of each dollar invested in the river restoration and preservation work.

The habitat mapping process records the character of the river by recording multiple date points: the width and depth; the bottom structure; whether it is sand, silt, gravel, cobble or boulders; the flow of each stretch as to whether it is a pool, run, riffle or rapids; the percent of bottom vegetation; and instream large woody debris. Bank erosion areas are also noted. These detailed descriptions were recorded in 60-yard segments of the river. The entire length of the mainstream of the Pine River (from the confluence of the east and north branches of the Pine to the mouth at Tippy Pond) was mapped with the exception of one area with difficult private access that will be completed later.

All of the data and stream structures were recorded using GPS coordinates and everything was documented with serial digital photographs. Approximately 584 Volunteer hours have gone into the mapping project in 2013 alone. 


Additional Interests

Our other work includes monitoring tributaries of the Pine with continuous temperature monitors. Electro-shocking fish surveys have also been conducted. Last year, using some of our preliminary data from habitat mapping as a guide, we partnered with other groups such as the Pine River Enhancement Committee, Lake County Community Foundation, and the Pine River Association to build 25 natural fish cover structures.

Each of these structures required specialized equipment and hiring crews to install them, costing $500-$750 each. We have pledged to continue with this work in 2014 as well as further restoration of the Pine River as the data analysis points the way to future projects.




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